Covid 19

I'm pleased to announce that as from 13th July 2020 I will be back at work.  There will be some changes such as doing Covid 19 Risk Assessments before every treatment and extra hygiene measures will be in place to keep my clients and myself safe.  All of which will be within the guidelines of the government and the AoR (Association of​ Reflexologists). 

  • The Risk Assessment & Medical Form will be completed with the client over the phone before the appointment.  
  • All areas where the client comes into contact with will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes after each treatment (my recliner chair has been moved to the corner of my dining area of the room which is away from all soft furnishings and rug). 
  • All my towels/chair cover will be washed/changed as usual between appointments. 
  • I will wear  a mask and ask that the client wears one as well.
  • I won't be wearing gloves as skin to skin is essential to the service, so in guidance with the government/AoR then I don't need to wear them. 
  •  I ask that the client could bring along their mask, a blanket & bottle of water.  
  • A plastic container is placed next to the recliner chair for client to place any belongings.
  • Window will be open before and after treatment for ventilation.
  • Hand sanitizer will be offered to the client on arrival.  
  • I will wash my hands as usual before and after treatment.  
  • Clean uniform worn and washed daily as usual and only worn during treatments.
  • Payment to be made by bank transfer before appointment or cash/cheque to be handed to me in an envelope.
  • Mobile visits - I ask if the client has a foot stool to rest their feet on and I use my own step stool to sit on. I bring my own soap/towels to use for washing hands before and after treatment.  

I look forward to seeing you soon.